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Important Rules and Reminders

1. We have 4 bistro tables and 18 additional chairs. Our kitchen has a counter, a sink and a fridge but we don't have a stove/oven or a microwave. Clients need to bring their own plates/glasses/cutlery if needed.

2. Clients must use the sound system that is provided.
External audio sources are not accepted.

3. It is strictly forbidden to open the emergency door and use the residential terrace at the back of the venue. A $500 fine is applicable if the terrace is being accessed.

4. Basic cleaning is included in your booking. However, clients are responsible for returning the venue as they found it (clean with the initial furniture layout and no damages to the space). Please collect any waste that you might have in garbage bags (including any decorations that you might have used) to be left in the kitchen before you leave.

5. Please note that you will have access to the space 15 minutes prior to your starting time, but if you open the door before, 
the system will automatically record a charge for the full hour preceding your starting time. The same goes for your ending time (the next hour will automatically be charged if you vacate the space more than 15 minutes past the end of your booked time).

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